Columbia BJJ Now Located at KMMD – Columbia, Week of Free Classes available

Scott NaugleGreetings to all Krav Maga Maryland students and staff!

My name is Scott Naugle. I am owner and instructor for Columbia Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. We recently started renting space at Krav Maga MD’s Columbia facility for our classes. We are glad to be at Krav Maga MD and we want to extend a warm welcome to all of you! To that end, we invite you to come in and check out any of our classes during this upcoming week (Monday May 23rd thru Saturday May 28th). I teach BJJ on Monday and Wednesday nights, Gracie Combatives on Tuesday and Friday nights, No-gi/submission wrestling on Thursday nights and MMA on Saturday at 12:30pm. I also have kids class on Thursday at 4:30pm and on Saturday at 1:30pm.

Everyone who takes Krav Maga (instructors and students alike) is welcome to come to and try out any of my classes this upcoming week for free. You can attend each different class “type” if you like. For example, you could take one BJJ class, one Gracie Combatives class, one No-gi class, and one MMA class since they are all different.

If you do decide to take classes with Columbia BJJ in addition to your Krav Maga classes, Columbia BJJ and Krav Maga MD have decided to offer where all Krav Maga students can take my classes at 25% off. Each additional family member would be at 50% off. For more information on our classes, biography, or programs please visit our website at Our primary goal for offering Krav Maga students and staff free classes this week is simply to get to know everyone better. We sincerely hope that you all will take us up on our offer and come in and check us out this week.

* Brazilian Jiu-jitsu on Monday night from 7:30-9pm
* Gracie Combatives on Tuesday night from 7:30-9pm
* Brazilian Jiu-jitsu on Wednesday night from 7:30-9pm
* No-gi/submission grappling on Thursday night from 7:30-9pm
* Gracie Combatives on Friday night from 6-7:30pm
* MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) on Saturday from 12:30-1:30pm
* Kids BJJ (“Bullyproof”) on Thursdays from 4:30-5:30pm and on Saturday’s from 1:30-2:30pm.

Best Regards,

Scott Naugle


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