How to Fit in a Lunchtime Krav Class

The Definitive Guide for Busy Professionals

By: Elisabeth Green

You’re looking at your week ahead. Work is crazy. Nights are slammed. So how do you fit in your weekly dose of Krav Maga? Below is your ultimate guide to cramming in a solid dose of Krav Maga classes while still crushing it at your full-time job. 

Mindset: You can only have a few priorities in your life. Maybe three or four things that are more important than everything else. The first thing you can do to prepare for the week ahead is to accept the fact that a million other things will come at you competing for your time and attention during the lunchtime hour. You must commit to the priority of your Krav Maga training and think of it as the most important thing you will do that day. No matter what. Expect a battle for that time and be prepared to fight for it. 

The Night Before: Effective lunchtime workouts start the night before. So prep for your Krav Maga class by getting your “stuff” together the night before. Pack your gym bag. Get your water bottles filled up. Put your gym bag in the car or by the front door before you go to bed. Mornings are not about thinking, they’re about moving. Prep the night before so it’s automatic. 

That Morning: Expect to be putting out fires or getting sucked into some problem or time-sensitive crisis as soon as you get to work. But remember exactly what time you need to leave the office to get to your gym and plan around that. It’s ok to tell people at the office, “Can I get back to you after lunch?” Your personal health directly translates into better work at your office. Remember that these two worlds are connected and complementary.  

Food (Before): It’s important to plan your food and drink intake around your midday workout. You can’t have a team lunch at Golden Corral and then rush over for your Krav class 10 minutes later. Plan out your food intake before and after your class. Have a light meal 60-90 mins before, protein shake immediately after, and a good-sized meal 90-120 mins later. Set calendar reminders to eat at a specific time. A “meal” should consist of protein, veggies, and clean carbs. Keep in mind, this all depends on your body, where you are in your diet, and current fitness levels (maintenance, fat loss, or mass gain).

On Your Calendar: Put your Krav Maga classes on your Outlook calendar and include travel time to/from the facility. You can even make it look like an “official” work meeting so people will leave you the crap alone and not schedule lunch time meetings over it. Try calling it “KMMD L2 Offsite” or something official and ominous sounding. And when your Outlook notification pops up, drop what you’re doing and get outta there. 

Costume Changes: It’s had to give someone a solid kick to the groin when you’re in a suit. So make sure you’ve allowed time to change out of your work duds and into your workout gear. PRO-TIP: Wear a T-shirt and shorts under your work clothes. You can peel off your professional clothes in 2 minutes and be ready to go in a snap if you prepare ahead. Like a corporate Superman. 

Hydration: Your pee should be as clear as a mountain spring before you arrive for class. And after. If you’re wondering if you’re hydrated enough, you’re not! Drink tons of water all day. 

Profuse Sweating: You will be sweating like a mother for the hour following class. This is good. But in order to get back to work without looking like you walked through a pond in your corporate casual clothes, take some time to blast the AC in your car or cool off in the Krav Maga lobby. You can also shower and prep right at your Krav Maga space if you have the time. Don’t worry, you’ll stop sweating soon. 

Profuse Sweating (Cont’d): If you don’t need to physically be in your office to work then feel free to bring your laptop and crank on some work right at your Krav Maga facility. It’s quiet, you can finish sweating while being productive, and triage your inbox before heading back to the office. In fact, you might even get more done here than at your workplace. 

Afternoon Recovery:Chocolate milk is a great recovery drink for the hour after your workout as you get back into your office groove. You can also down a meal replacement smoothie later in the day but just remember to keep your hydration up!


Bonus/ What about Caffeine?:If you’re a caffeine junkie, hit your chosen substance before your class as caffeine has a 30-minute uptake time. Just bear in mind that caffeine should not be substituted as a workout supplement on its own. Many pre-workout drinks have way too much caffeine in them. And no matter what, DO NOT drink Monster, NOS, or any of those carbonated sugary "energy" drinks. 

Bonus/ Adaptability:No matter how great your planning there are always situations outside of your control. The boss will schedule a last-minute lunch. You’ll have a crisis you simply can’t walk away from for an hour. It happens. Yet, as with Krav Maga itself, you adapt to reality and change accordingly towards a singular goal. With that in mind, download the PDF of your Krav Maga schedule and keep it on your desktop.You can also add it to your phone as a shortcutand get to the schedule in a single click. There are plenty of classes so if you miss the one you were planning on, pivot! See schedules here: Columbia scheduleCapitol Hill schedule