“This Empowerment Will Stay with Me Forever”

Behind the Scenes at KMMD’s Women’s Empowerment Seminar

To recognize Sexual Assault Awareness month, Krav Maga Maryland recently hosted a women’s self-defense seminar at our Columbia location in April, with 50% of the profits benefitting Grassroots Crisis Intervention Center. We had plenty of strong women show up, eager to learn self-defense and personal safety strategies that are easy to learn, practical, and useful in any situation. One of our most enthusiastic participants was Ann Bromery. Here’s what she had to say about her experience:

Tell us about your experience at the Women’s Empowerment Seminar.
My experience was so much more than I expected. I attended with my daughters and I thought I would learn a few techniques on how to get myself out of an uncomfortable situation. Boy was I right and wrong!  I was right because KMMD showed me how to get out of uncomfortable situations. But they took it further than I imagined and helped me find inner strength to take small gestures and make them more powerful. It gave me confidence to understand what I am capable of, and that it’s ok to protect my personal space!

Why did you decide to attend the seminar?
My daughter was attacked in February and her nose was fractured in many places. She wanted to attend a self-defense class so she wouldn’t feel scared or wary living her life in the future. She found the KMMD Empowerment Class. She asked her sister and me to go with her and we jumped right in. She was NOT going to take this class by herself!  My girls are adults now. Had I known about Krav Maga 20 years ago, my girls would have taken the youth classes. I feel every girl should have the confidence to know how to protect herself if she needs to. 

What did you learn at the seminar and how has it (or will it) help you?
I learned that it is OK not to be PC and not to worry about offending someone who clearly isn’t listening to the words I am saying. I learned that I have it inside me to fight back if necessary and how to use mental and other techniques against someone who could be much larger than me. I learned that it’s OK to be loud and put the fear of God into someone who I feel is trying to hurt me or invade my personal space. And I learned that every time I drop the F-bomb, an angel gets its wings. Some people believe a bell ringing gives an angel its wings, I believe the F-bomb gives a badass angel her wings. 

If you could tell a friend one thing about the seminar, what would you say?
Go…listen…. sweat…. focus…. learn. You will never feel as vulnerable in any situation again. This empowerment will stay with me forever.