Write It Down

By: Jeff Mount

I was reminded yesterday by Jim Thomas during a sales training the importance of writing down your goals, your motivation, and the things that drive you. I’m not good with moderation, however. So instead of writing it down in a notebook, I had to contract a sign company to write it on the walls of our training rooms.

They’re that important to me. I love being surrounded by the wisdom of these warriors. It connects me to experiences – fears overcome, battles fought, lessons learned – that are far greater than myself. I have always been drawn to words more than pictures. When I train, words are what rattle around in my head and keep me going. While I get songs stuck in my head like everyone else, I also get words, phrases, and statements stuck in my head for days at a time.  Often I feel haunted by them. That is not a bad thing.  

When you aspire to accomplish something – a professional goal, a fitness goal, a relational goal – do you write it down? How many truly important things in your life have you accomplished without writing them down? How quickly do you forget about that goal if you don’t write it down?

Our minds are fickle things. In a moment of strength, a moment of courage, a moment of clarity, we need to write down what we see. It will carry us through moments of weakness, moments of cowardice, moments of confusion.  

I could share the words and phrases that motivate me, inspire me, correct me, humble me. But those words are mine. They are incredibly personal, and they are sacred to me. Rather than me share my own, I would encourage you to find those words, and hold them close by writing them down.

Your life, your training, your development as a person is a story. It may be a love story, or a war story, or a bit of both. Are you writing it down?

Rachel Parker