Pluck, Pluck, Boom

By: Jeff Mount

There’s nothing more fundamental to Krav Maga training than the progression of seeing a danger, addressing it directly, counter-attacking as soon as possible, and continuing to fight fiercely until you’re safe.  

But not all dangers are physical.  

On August 25th, our Columbia training center exploded. Everyone was physically safe, but there was still a threat to the strength of our community. While KMMD is more than a building and training equipment – it is a community, a gathering of like-minded people, a set of goals and values that drive those people, and a whole hell of a lot of hard work – losing our Columbia home for an indeterminate amount of time felt like a major attack on what we hold dear.  

So in true Krav Maga fashion, KMMD staff mobilized.  We had training set up at a different location within 24 hours.  We found ways to get a few pieces of gear out of the demolished training center – just enough to hold classes.  We put out the word via e-mail, Facebook, and other sources that we were not going to stop, not even for one day.  Elisabeth and I made a video addressing concerns from 2,200 miles apart (I was in LA for law enforcement training), and drew a line in the sand that we would come through for our people.  Jeremy taught in multiple locations over the next few days and hustled to find additional training space. Rachel rapidly formatted announcements and pushed all the info out to our folks. Shemiah answered questions from concerned students and assured them we would not even slow down, much less stop, training.

Folks expressed their sadness over the lost training center – for if an unvoiced emotion will cause drag in the pursuit of your goals, you must voice that sucker.  But then they showed up to train.

It is just over 2 weeks later.  We have secured training for the next 30 days, with multiple front-runners in discussion for long term space.  Students have found welcome arms (and fists) in Annapolis and Capitol Hill. Columbia and Annapolis both have instructor candidates attending Phase A certification this week.    

Wally Voigt, an Annapolis student, suggested “pluck, pluck, boom” for a rallying slogan in all this.  If you know Wally, you know it was probably only half-serious. But it stuck, because as tough as we are at KMMD, we never take ourselves too seriously.  We bring humor and even joy to the most daunting obstacles. So as you wear your shirt, keep in mind it’s not just a gimmick to laugh about a tough situation.  It’s an embodiment of taking painful obstacles and turning them on their head. It’s addressing the danger and giving a simultaneous counterattack. It’s Krav Maga. 

To thank our students for their unwavering support during this time, we’ve decided to memorialize this event in a t-shirt, which we’ll be giving away to any and all active students who are attending class and events. To get your shirt, e-mail Rachel and let her know what class(es) you’ll be attending and your shirt size so that we have them ready to hand out!

Rachel Parker