Post-Explosion FAQ

Has KMMD found permanent training space yet? 

We are aggressively working to secure a new, permanent home in Columbia! We have a very promising lead and are currently working on all of the legal back-and-forth. As soon as we have something official, we’ll announce to everyone! 

How long will it take to build out a new training center?

Until we get the keys to a space and have an architect start drawing up plans, we won’t have a firm idea of a timeline for a completed build-out. Keep your fingers crossed that Howard County expedites the permitting process! 

I keep trying to call the front desk but I’m not getting an answer - what’s the deal? 

Our phones were all damaged by the explosion and we are not able to get into the space. If you need to get in touch with us, please email and we will reach out to you! All of us are still working remotely. Please remember that if your question is in regards to a freeze or cancellation, you’ll want to contact first before reaching out to us. 

When will I get the t-shirt I preordered?

We have been unable to access the building since the explosion, and we do not know if we will ever be able to retrieve the pre-ordered shirts. However, we plan to reorder them in the near future. Stay tuned.

When will the upcoming belt tests be rescheduled?

Upcoming belt tests will take place at our Annapolis location. Check the Events page on the website for details & registration. 

Will you stay in the Columbia area when you move?

Yes, that is the plan!

I need to update my billing and/or contact information with you guys, who can I reach out to?

KMMD is now using Zen Planner’s billing management services. They can be reached at or by calling (800) 806-6049.

When will you be adding more classes to the schedule?

We are doing our best to add more classes! We are currently limited by the hours and space that Top Tier and Pinnacle have available, however we are working on options to expand the weekly offerings. 

What is your current class schedule? 

See our current Columbia schedule here

How do I check in for classes? 

First, download the Zen Planner Member app (red and white, in the app store). You will then be prompted to log in with the credentials emailed to you when you first signed up! If you can’t find these credentials, please email so that we can reset it for you. 

Is private training available?

Yes! Contact our Columbia GM at to discuss training goals and options, and to get you paired up with the appropriate instructor. 

Can I set up custom training for my company, unit, team, or group?

Yes! View this page and fill out our form, or contact our Director of Operations at to discuss your customized group training options. 

Can I train at the other locations? 

Absolutely - both Annapolis and D.C. locations welcome visits from our Columbia members. Please make sure the check their schedules (Annapolis) (DC) prior to making your visit, as the schedules differ from location to location. 

Are Top Tier classes available for me to take? 

Yes and no. Top Tier’s classes are not a part of our space rental agreement, so if you’re interested in trying out a CrossFit class, please make sure you either purchase the Groupon or pay a drop-in fee! 

How do I purchase new gear?

Reach out to Rachel at for gear orders (gloves, head gear, shin guards, etc, not apparel) Please, don’t message her or other staff on Facebook, since those requests get lost easily!

What’s the policy to bring a guest with me to class?

Reach out to Jeremy at for any information about memberships or trial classes. Don’t forget to ask about our member referral program while you’re at it! 

I want to freeze or cancel my membership, who can I reach out to?

KMMD is now using Zen Planner’s billing management services. They can be reached at or by calling (800) 806-6049.