Tina P. ★★★★★

“I started at Krav Maga Maryland in March of 2018 through their 6 Week Challenge. I’ve had such great success in building fitness, strength, and confidence here! The instructors are all genuinely interested in seeing each of their students succeed with whatever your goal(s) might be. You can and will be pushed to your limit during any of the classes offered here, but you will be a much stronger person once you get through it.

Personally I’ve really stepped out of my comfort zone by joining KMMD and I’m 100% glad that I did.”

Gwyn M. ★★★★★

“I really love this gym. I decided to join on a whim, almost a month ago, in the hopes of getting in shape and learning new skills, and this place is wonderful. The instructors encourage you, as do the other students. They want to push you to be successful, without pushing you tIll you break. They encourage you to grow and get more fit and better at the exercises, without putting you down for maybe not being able to do everything right off the bat. I highly recommend this place if you want a fun, challenging environment, with a staff that cares about your development.”

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David W. ★★★★★

“Krav Maga Maryland is first class and the best self-defense/fitness center around! Many options to choose from with classes throughout the day. The facility is clean and comfortable. However, what sets Krav Maga Maryland truly apart from the competition is the instruction. The instruction is among the best in the country!”

Latasha M. ★★★★★

“I started at krav maga Maryland 6 weeks ago for their fitness challenge. I absolutely love it! The instructors are fun, encouraging, and very patient. In the short time that I have been there, I have dropped pounds, shredded body fat, and overall feel healthier. I can't say enough good things about this place. If you are on the fence, just come check it out. You will not regret it!”

Claude L.

“Been a member for about 3 years and hate when I have to miss a session. The instructors are serious about self-defense and fitness. They are very supportive, and extremely approachable and knowledgeable. The other students become like family as you partner from session to session to practice techniques. I'm a martial artist that has found great value in Krav Maga as a combative, and I certainly feel more confident in my ability protect myself and my family.”

Charniece F.

“If you are looking for an average gym then this is not for you! If you are looking for a life change, a TRUE CHALLENGE, disicipline, and lots of sweat, then Krav Maga is def for you! I lost 21.8 pounds in 6 weeks on the 6 week challenge. I was nervous but I ended up loving it and met my goal with flying colors! DEF recommend. My favorite was heavy bag class.”

Larry L.

“If you intend to make your personal safety and the safety of loved ones a top priority, this is the place to train. In addition to the high quality of instruction by their talented staff, this facility is a hub where other instructors come to train and get certified to teach Krav Maga. You can't go wrong training at KMMD.”

Jeff I.

“I visited Krav Maga Maryland for an instructor training course, and I can't say enough good things about the facility and their staff. I trained along side many of their instructors, all of whom were skilled and welcoming. The facility itself is large, clean, and well-outfitted, and their ranking instructors are among the best of the best.”

Meredith S.

“The training quality at Krav Maga Maryland is unrivaled. From the highly competent and emotionally intelligent instructors to the camaraderie and ferocity of fellow Krav students on the mat, KMMD has fostered and achieved a truly unique ecosystem.

I would highly recommend training here. Whether you are a first timer looking for an introduction to self defense or a long time martial artist seeking out your latest challenge: you can't find better than Krav Maga Maryland.”

Danny A.

“I'm pretty sure I would just live here if they would let me. I have a great time interacting with the teachers and students to learn more techniques that keep me safe. I work in a difficult neighborhood, and often feel safe because I know multiple tools that help me diffuse situations The instructors are very caring and patient. I would totally recommend this to everyone.”

Aaron S.

“Loved working out here. Gained 12 and a half pounds of muscle in 6 weeks. I look so much better, especially in my arms by my shoulders. Couldn't ask for a more supportive group of not only instructors but workout buddies as well. Had a ton of fun and would recommend anyone trying to get into better shape and learn some self defense along the way to give this a shot.

Derek D.

“I love this gym the trainers are top notch! They really care about your results! The members don’t judge you they accept you just as you are! I would recommend this gym to everyone! It’s hard to find a gym that takes the time to reach out to find out how you are doing :)”