Krav Maga

All students must begin their training in Level 1. Krav. Level 1 focuses on the basics - your fight stance, kicks, strikes, and beginner combatives & defenses. Level 1 provides the baseline of techniques upon which to build and test into Level 2. With regular attendance (3x/week), students can prepare to test into Level 2 in 4-6 months. Level 1 students are also welcome to participate in All Levels, which has the added bonus of higher level techniques built into an L1 class. Our Krav classes go up to Level 5, and students must test into each level. Level 1 students are not required to purchase any special equipment, but we do recommend hand protection such as wraps or MMA gloves, and groin protection for the guys. Level 2 and above requires shin guards, headgear, and boxing gloves, all of which can be purchased at KMMD!


Open to Krav Maga levels 2 and above, Weapons class focuses on all defenses against armed attacks. Stick attacks, edged-weapon threats and attacks, handgun and long gun are all addressed in a one-hour long hands-on format. 

Heavy bag

Heavy Bag is an excellent HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workout. A mix of punching and kicking combinations, bodyweight work, partner work, you name it. Think kickboxing, but better. You will need 16oz boxing gloves for this class.

Strength & Conditioning

A daily, functional movement-based workout programmed in-house weekly by our own coaches. The focus of this class will be fun and challenging fitness with a focus on building practical strength and endurance through the use of barbells, kettlebell, etc. No special equipment is required.

Bootcamp Conditioning

Great for beginners and experienced athletes alike! Bootcamp incorporates some basic resistance and body weight exercises with an emphasis on human movement: running, jumping, and climbing. A high-energy workout that focuses on the foundations or movement, agility, and explosivity, you’ll build strength and coordination without the use of barbells.

Thai Pads

Thai Pads provides all the workout of a Heavy Bag class but adds the camaraderie of partner work. Learn how to be a good training partner while mastering the art of pad-holding! Requirements for Thai Pads: 16oz gloves and willingness to learn something new.


KravFit is a fusion of Krav Maga and metabolic conditioning. Think: Krav + Heavy Bag + Bootcamp in any combination. No equipment needed for this class – just a willingness to work hard!

Max Effort

Meant for more advanced athletes, this class is open to members who have trained for a minimum of 6 months or more in fitness and/or have a solid grasp of all Olympic and power lifts. Minimal instruction is provided, and workouts are programmed for a high level of difficulty and challenge. No special equipment is required.


This 30-min class focuses on the health of specific joints and areas of the body. Often ignored, joint health and flexibility is key to maintaining an active lifestyle and avoiding unnecessary injury! No experience or equipment is required for this class.


Fight class focuses on the fundamentals of striking, defense, and movement as applied to a competitive sport-fighting environment. If this will be your first time in a fight class, we recommend training for several months in level one Krav Maga before trying out a fight class. You’ll need headgear, a mouth guard, 16oz gloves, and shin guards in order to participate in this class.

Yoga for a Cause

This Thursday night yoga class is designed for any skill or mobility level. Can’t touch your toes? No problem. We’ll focus on scalable movements while still providing a traditional yoga experience. This class is available for a donation of $5 for members, $10 for non-members, with 100% proceeds donated to a different local non-profit each month.

Open Mat / Open Gym

This is what it sounds like. Room 2 will be available as a “free period” for Open Mat, and Room 3 will be available for Open Gym. During this time, you can work on individual Krav/Heavy Bag/Thai Pads work in R2, or strength & conditioning workouts in R3. Up to you!


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