Do You Know What To Do In The Event Of An Emergency? Corporate Training At Krav Maga Maryland Will Help You And Your Group Stay Prepared!

If you're lucky, you've never had to confront an emergency situation with your school, coworkers, community group or religious organization. But would you know what to do if you were face to face with a threat? At Krav Maga Maryland, our Corporate Training gives your group all the tools you need to stay safe no matter what. 

From active shooters to women's only training, we offer a wide range of Corporate Training options that are adjustable to your group size and situation. It's never too early to be prepared for an emergency. Don't get caught without the proper training.

Corporate Training Will Put Your Group At Ease With A Few Simple Skills

The threats social and professional groups can face in our world are abundant. But at Krav Maga Maryland, we'll adapt our Corporate Training program to your group's needs and wishes. We'll come to you or you can visit one of our state-of-the-art facilities for the most important class you'll ever take.

Choose from our proven curriculum what best suits your organization's needs:

Women’s Self-Defense

Unfortunately, women at all levels of corporate employment usually face a variety of unique safety challenges throughout their career.   Companies have an obligation to provide practical solutions that ensure a safe and productive environment for all team members. Krav Maga Maryland has trained thousands of women with mindset, boundary-setting, awareness, verbal escalation, and physical self-protection skills in our innovative, proven training sessions.  These courses are taught by our expert group of female personal safety instructors.

Suggested duration: 2 hours.  

Field Worker/Home Visitor Training

Many businesses, government organizations, and NGOs have team members who work primarily off-site – in another org’s facility, in public, or visiting clients’ homes.  Both situations present unique safety concerns for which team members are often drastically underequipped. Let Krav Maga Maryland provide proven strategies for increased situational awareness, verbal de-escalation, threat prevention strategies, and high-risk safety skills for any field worker. 

Suggested duration: 4 hours.

Active Shooter/Workplace Violence

According to 2017 FBI statistics, the most common place for a mass casualty event is the workplace. Such incidences require both preventative and response strategies, as well as training protocols to match these plans.  Krav Maga Maryland offers threat assessments, lecture/discussion, interactive walk-throughs, and realistic training scenarios to ensure that your staff has the knowledge and skills to feel safer and respond effectively in the midst of an active shooter event. 

Suggested duration: 4 hours

Team-Building/Leadership Training

Self-defense training requires more than a set of physical skills.  It requires a mindset predicated upon rapid decision-making ability under extreme stress.  Processing information, assessing which information is relevant, deciding an appropriate course of action, and communicating that action is something that every executive or team can benefit from.  Take your team to the next level with intense, practical, and fun leadership training!

Suggested duration: 8 hours

Health & Wellness

For any organization, your personnel are your greatest asset.  While wellness is a popular buzzword in corporate culture, many programs fall short because they struggle to engage the workforce in practical, motivating activity.  Let Krav Maga Maryland provide a fun, accessible workout that is interactive and scaleable, requiring minimal equipment or previous knowledge.

Suggested duration: 2 hours

Foreign Travel Safety

With more employees traveling internationally than ever, many organizations require special assistance with safety considerations for their employees. Add stressors such as jet lag, differing cultural norms, language barriers, diplomatic hassles, and worldwide political uncertainty, and your employees’ safety may be further at risk while traveling abroad. Let Krav Maga Maryland provide both preventative steps and practical responses to common safety considerations while traveling.

Suggested duration: 4 hours

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